Whenever dripping and smudged lipstick, we’ve collected quite a few best hacks and tricks out there so that you can prepare your lips and after all tally rock your dark lips without any meltdowns or embarrassing moments, these simple little tricks will enable you to all in on our little secrets on how to maintain a long lasting and very sexy looking dark lip all day, and all night long, the ability to maintain a dark shade of lipstick throughout the entire day can be a very challenging and sometimes even daunting task. Add a concealer to your outer lip line using a cover up and a pointed make up brush, so this will make your lips pop with colour and if you look for to make your dark lipstick pop even more than normal.

You have to be certain that your dark lip colour is not going to feather out or ‘bleed’ and the perfect way to avoid it is by using a reverse lip liner. Try applying a tiny bit of petroleum jelly on your lips before applying lip colour, with that said, this will keep your lips hydrated and stop them from staining the dark colour into the creases of your lips, I’d say if you don’t need to be struggling with the removal of your dark lipstick once your night is over. Whenever making it the perfect combo with a dark lipstick, the lip liner will act an as sealant for your colour and will also boost your dark lip colour.

I am sure that the lip liner is an absolute crucial ingredient to getting the perfect set of dark lips, as 80’s as it may sound. Whenever leaving your lips and your pearly whites, perfect, to be certain that you don’t sit with this unflattering problem, stick your clean finger into your mouth, wrap your lips around it and gently pull it out -this will doublecheck whether any excess lipstick you have sitting on the inner part of your lips, comes off.

Now let me ask you something. Yea you heard us, the last thing anyone wants to experience is having lipstick stains on your teeth all day long, and noone pointing it out to you -how embarrassing?!

Ugh, fading and faded lipstick is the ugliest thing ever!

To create a more natural and gorgeous looking fade, try using a light red lipstick in the middle of your dark lip colour, with that said, this will create a ‘twotoned’ look which will look very much better if your dark lipstick starts to fade.