We love together with dark circles are bit seems lifeless since the dehydration kills the natural shine inside your eyes.
It’s also little challenging handle the hallow space with makeup. They’ll definitely aid you in your makeup habits, Following are some makeup tips for deep seated eyes. Disturbed color tone is definitely handled with right kind of makeup products. However, those that come in mate and shimmer are ideal for deep set eyes, You must use many eye shadow combinations. It’s vital to highlight your deep seated eyes whenever possible with a bright color let’s say pale peach, beige or pink. So this will definitely provide you with a soft, dreamy look. On p of that, on deep seated eyes apply an iridescent soft stroke of eye shadow on your upper eyelid beginning with the inner corner wards the outer corner of the eye. Start with pale pink from the lower eyelashes and apply the color throughout to the brow bone. That’s interesting right? So it is my feeble attempt.

a bit of you emailed me and asked if I will show you how I use the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.

Blend the colour into the eye crease and beneath the lower lash line.

Whenever following the lash line in essential to create a perfect shadow, apply the darkest eye shade color around the outer corner of the upper eyelid bottom line. Bear in mind the shadow color may be applied no further than the colored part of your eye. That said, this dark touch can give your eyes more prominence. With all that said… It’s vital to follow the natural line of your skills shape. As a second step apply medium light base around the eyelid from the middle of the pupil with outward strokes. After that bring it upwards and sweep the colour along the brow bone with soft brush. Use a subtle layer of moisturizer or moisturizer base makeup base in your eyes.

Wash your eyes before taking the makeup session properly.

Very thorough and helpful a bit of those tips, for sure. Well I thought you did a good work! Jacquiis a great post Gail. Thank you. That said, I have badly hooded lids.

Yes, that’s right! I was in my 20s! You can find more info about it here. Always have. You see, a makeup sales lady told me not to bother with eyeshadow as it wasn’t worth it. Thank you, lovely post Gail. I’m always on the look out for tutorials and advice. Another question is so the question is this. Have you done any other videos with makeup? Generally, it was really helpful, I already own the Naked eye shadow. I’d love to see one or hear about the other products you use.

Thanks! I enjoyed the video. Well I thought that was a pretty good work! Although, I thought you did a fine job! I don’t know if it was my phone or the video but when you applied eyeliner and mascara the video kind of went on fast forward. You should take this seriously. Thanks for being patient with me! It’s a How to apply eye shadow to deep set eyes video, since I have deep set eyes. I am surely not the main girl who never learned to properly apply it. I always look crazy when I try so I tend to not use it but will like to! Love how you show the details of how you apply your makeup! Known please consider doing one on eyeliner! It was cute and in no way did it affect the quality or instruction of the video. You did a wonderful job with the video, By the way I found it very instructional and got some great tips. Be blessed! At the place where you were doing eyeliner and mascara,, the video really sped up and you sounded like a little pixie.