A glowing skin can give you the confidence to be who you want to be. But, with everyday exposure to harsh elements and strenuous activities, your skin may become dry and stressed-out. There are also things that we do – even if we do not know it – that can contribute to our skin damage.

To find out more about these sneaky skin attacks, below is a list of ways you may be damaging your skin without your knowledge:
1. Overusing of skincare products – Applying skincare products can help enhance the skin. But, too much of these can already suffocate it. Products may contain ingredients that can build up on your skin, leaving no room to breathe. Stick to a skincare routine that your body is at ease with and try to make it minimal and enough for your needs.
2. Too much exposure to the sun – Getting the right tan is a dream yet too much exposure can turn into a nightmare. Apply sunscreen so you can enjoy the sun without getting burnt.
3. Using dirty bath and makeup equipment – We may feel clean and beautiful after scrubbing and putting on makeup. Still, the bacteria that build up on our sponges and brushes may transfer to our skin, causing more damage than good. Throw away old equipment or clean them regularly.
4. Working too hard – Hard work pays off after seeing your paycheck. But, stressing yourself out can cause wrinkles and stress lines to our body. Balance your work and rest with relaxing hobbies like exercise, reading or even bonding with the family.
5. Not minding what you eat – What you eat can affect your entire body including the skin. Eating too much fatty food, sweets and salty foods can ruin your skin’s health. Watch what you eat. Stock your body with nutrients from fruits and vegetables.