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I hope you liked this tutorial and learned something new!

I’m currently working on a beginner’s beauty guide which contains both skincare and makeup tutorials. As I contour above the crease I always bring the lid color quite high. I think of that as my contour area. Dots show where my contour shade goes.

Nevertheless, here you can see my real crease and how I’ve applied the shimmery lid color on the top. On p of that, visit or call 1‑800‑FDA‑1088. You are encouraged to report negative consequences of prescription drugs to the FDA. They have a whole line of products for each skin type and all of their ingredients you’ve most certainly heard of.

The main ones that were unfamiliar to me were quite a few oils as they’re from plants in faraway lands that contain magical properties.

Clearly I’m simplifying and it’s more scientific than that! That said, this thought didn’t click with me until about a year ago, I obviously chat a lot about healthy food and fitness around here so it only makes sense that I must care about what I’m putting on my body.

I know what you’re thinking, oh she’s gone off the deep end or thank you for the hippie talk.

I do know that if I ate McDonalds for most of my life, I’m pretty sure I would die of heart disease, while I don’t know that the correlation is that direct.

There must be some health implications to that, if I’m putting chemicals all over my body any and each day. So, I get it, I am there, and I’ve judged people for thinking that their moisturizer was preparing to kill them. Join 5000+ members of the THM Community to get access to exclusive info about natural beauty, products I’m loving and how to transition to a more natural lifestyle. Just think for a moment. Why does it need to be in my beauty products, I’d say in case there was no way I was eating Blue #6. I challenge you to take a second to read the labels on some amount of your beauty products. With that said, a carcinogenic chemical found in most conventional beauty products, when I did I was shocked to discover there was no actual oil in my argan oil and my face wash’s first ingredient was Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

So it is the reason I switched.

I am glad to know that I can see really similar importance of natural products and home remedies which may be seen many years ago.

Thanks for posting this. Honestly I only believe in natural treatments and products as long as natural things are the main one which can safe our skin from skin damages. I like your blog and on p of that its an interesting while reading. It’s not the heavy oils found in coconut or olive oil, I actually know it seems odd to be moisturizing my skin with oil. With all that said… It’s much lighter and as a matter of fact your skin needs oil with an eye to look healthy and plump and function as it must.

As soon as you find it you just know, it might take some amount of time to find better oil for your skin.

I absolutely love anything natural, clean, and especially cruelty free.

Basically the great thing about going the natural route is that often times, the ingredients put into these creams, salves, lotions, and similar are so good for the skin that So there’s no need to test animals. For example, thanks very much for sharing this, Know what guys, I really need to check this out! Ever since I switched to natural skin care products, my complexion has reduced in redness dramatically. Now please pay attention.a solitary thing I can assume is that it was the chemicals in prior products that caused my face to become dark red after treatment. Seriously. Product line that came highly recommended to me was Skin Essence Organics, when I finally decided to make the switch. On p of that, I’m even luckier to be teaming up with them to bring you some awesome products today. A well-known fact that is. I’m pretty lucky to have found a brand of natural skin care products that my skin both loves and is local.

Little did I know that it was love at first sight. Facial Oils -The two that I love are the rose hip seed oil and light oil. That being said, I recommend you start small. Sometimes it needs trial and error to determine what products do and don’t work for your skin. Replacing it all at once might lead to your skin freaking out so try doing it one product at a time. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Don’t give up if at first your skin ain’t so happy. You don’t need to go replace everything in your bathroom but week by week start replacing your conventional skin care products with a more natural variety like Skin Essence Organics. They have a n of different skin care products which you can CHECK OUT HERE but I wanted to highlight a certain amount my favorites with you today. This is the case. It’s not like food that passes through your liver and kidneys.

Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream. It seems crazy to cover it with most of the chemicals found in conventional beauty and skin care products, when you think about it this way. Surely you know my love for FACEMASK FRIDAYS over on Snapchat where I make a homemade face mask from kitchen staples! I’m almost sure I also have a couple others in my repetoir, while I do use any of these products. I use a homemade facial toner as well as a vegan and organic hyaluronic serum. To be honest I also use Skin Essence’s Face mask mix, when I’m in a crunch. Certainly, I actually hate wearing makeup so it’s what I look like 85 of the time. I asked C to take a pic of me last weekend when we were hanging out with some friends in Trinity Bellwoods.