Among to biggest downfalls of wearing a matte lip is that if your lips are dry to begin with, color will only settle into any lines and accentuate flakes.

Cich recommends prepping your pout with a balm before applying your color, while liquid formulas are a solution to this dilemma.

Double check if lips are hydrated prior to to application, she suggests, to sephora, Tarte Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Fetch, $ 20. The question is. I have read numerous reviews on yes to coconuts melting cleanser and am curious if you use it on your eyes?

a bunch of reviews said not to and I need to find a balm that I can use on my eyes and face.

It goes on a little wet but looks good when dry.

Hi Angie -Would love to see you review Elizabeth Arden RX Triple Protection Factor -it’s a serum, moisturizer and SPF 50 physical sunscreen all in one. Fact, what do you think? It has most natural color would call it a cosmeceutical. You can only get it from a derm but it’s not a presciption. I have to say I use it on p of my Vitamin C serum, moisturizer and one other layer of sunscreen so maybe I’m wasting my money by putting this 3in1 on top. For Timeless serums, I bought a certain amount these pumps last year and love them for extending life of serums.

They can unscrew from amber bottle they come with and fit perfectly on Timeless bottles.

I think so it is a big benefit to limiting a lot of air exposed to serums. CeraVe included identical great ceramides, niacin amide, and hyaluronic acid in this formula so it’s soothing and moisturizing as well. It’s like ‘RetinA”s weaker cousin but it ain’t as irritating. It’s proven to work but much slower and not as well as to prescription. Then, I apply one squirt to my neck and chest. That is interesting. On other 6 nights I use CeraVe Skin Renewing Cream Serum which is an over the counter retinol product. Being that I found that it contributed to my breakouts.

Do you have a favorite sunless tanner you use, Angie, slightly off topic.

I’m shopping around, contemplating…you still look like you’ve got a little sun kissed ‘sum thin’ going on, and I know you’re staying away from death rays. Remember, texture is different but is there a reason to purchase both as far as ingredients? One question…why use cerave pm moisture as well as cerave serum? For example, I didn’t check ingredients before I ssed boxes but are there many differences that make it worth buying both? There is more info about it here. Hey Angie. Thank you a lot for helping me with my question about Retin Cant wait for that to arrive. Normally, I am your new biggest fan… ok I bought everything! Really, I did. Known I give it a rest for a few days more, I’d say in case my neck starts to itch.

The main problem I ever experienced was on my neck where I buffer Retin A with Argan oil or a moisturizer and I only use it 3 or 4 times a week.

GoodRx is one of a couple of sites that offer discount coupons on prescription drugs.

Your doctor should still write a prescription for you to have filled at your favourite cost, if I know it’s covered by your insurance. You can also order online from Mexico to save even more. Search on web for discount drug coupons to find p deal for tretinoin near you. I used to use a makeup removing welette but I’ve found it drags and pulls my skin and after that rinse with warm water.
Coconut oil is moisturizing and anti bacterial so it can By the way I prefer dry, it can be used wet or dry. I’m sure it sounds familiar. It does leave a slight residue which I remove with 2nd step in my face washing double cleanse routine. Well, maybe your makeup remover ain’t doing a decent enough job of removing all of your makeup above all, Therefore if you are using konjac sponge with your cleanser and still finding makeup on it. Remember, just something to think about when it comes time to repurchase makeup remover. You can boil konjac sponge in water for a few minutes to sterilize it, no need to throw it out. Boiling sponge doesn’t harm it in to least. Another benefit of regularly using an exfoliant is that my skin is smoother and spreading Retinol A was easier than it would have been before.

I was using Vitamin C and a chemical exfoliant for some time before I started Retin I believe that was very cool thing for a while being that I had already sloughed off quite a few dead skin layer that there was little left to flake off, as I said.

It runs about $ 15 but with shipping about $ The PH is very low which so many individuals may not be able to lerate noting here both 15percentage and 20 solution available.

I have Roseasa and have absolutely no problems with 20 solution in regards skin irritation. I meant to share this with you in my last post as well. I tend to use mine up within month. SkinActive brand works well but Surely it’s a bit tacky so I’m giving Timeless a shot give your great reviews. That being said, I’m still intending to give Timeless a shot to see if it does anything different for me. I found a great Vitamin C serum that won’t oxidize for up to six months provided That’s a fact, it’s refrigerated.

SkinActive Vitamin C serum has all great stuff Timeless C serum has and more. Whenever looking at ingredients why now you use Olay serum in am in place of Cerave why do you use both serum night cream when night cream has all serum ingredients in it, hi Angie above all I love your video’s Second can I use Cerave serum instead of Retin A since I’m your web site!! Whenever sagging jowls and age spots I earned during those ‘sun loving’ for a while history of sun worshipping in my teens through 30’s 🙁 now fighting fine lines.

I have purchased your regime and look for to be certain I use in correct order.

Over time links are sometimes swapped to similar products, sorry you got fragranced versions.

When I create links I only link to fragrance free versions of Olay for any longer being that I don’t like fragrance in my skincare products. I have just recently read two articles on aging skin, both written by dermatologists. Now look. Both articles as well as my own dermatologist suggest that ultimately Vitamin C is really not pretty cool thing to put on your face as it will eventually cause a breakdown in tissues surrounding nasal area and folds of to cheeks. Oftentimes as your skin ages, the notification in both of these articles was less is more as it pertains to skin care products. I really like your website and I follow your YouTube as well. I’m struck by the total amount of products you use for your and skin care regimen.

Have you read anything similar to this.

Even if you don’t experience redness or itching, other thing they said that over time Vitamin C can be overall irritating to skin.

Both of these articles were published within last 6 months and on p of that stated that there is new thinking on product regimens for maturing skin. My derm was adamant about me dropping Vitamin C serum. I must have missed this post. My derm says no waiting is needed and I like to get increased absorption while my skin is damp and on p of that lock in some moisture should wait between products and that’s one of those areas where there’s no right answer. Timeless CoEnzyme Q10 Serum. Even dermatologists don’t agree on whether to wait or not. I keep this cleanser on my vanity to wash my face at night and for any longer when I travel.

I never use cleansers that foam or contain abrasives on my face. That said, this facial wash is specially formulated to clean sensitive skin while being non drying and soothing with aloe and licorice root. I think reason they suggest applying for a while being that Vit C causes your skin to be more sensitive to light. Other brands of similar Vit C products indicate you can use them in AM as well as PM. Normally, I’ll take liberty of replying with my own personal nonscientific idea, I actually assume you’re asking Angie this question. We often forget that lips need care and anti aging every week I also scrub to lips. I noticed you don’t use chap stick, anymore? Now pay attention please. I’ve actually started using a lip balm in evening -after seeing your previous routines -and I have to say that my lips look great! I loved seeing updated of your skincare routine! I like Timeless serums, By the way I just finished Vitamin C one. Now regarding aforementioned fact… You think I must order more than one serum at a time or will unopened one start to oxidise before I even get to it, right? I don’t live in US so have to periodically order for when a family member is coming and can bring it to me.

I don’t wait to apply my treatments at night, like in my morning routine.

Waiting 15 20″ minutes after washing your face to apply it can reduce irritation and peeling, if you’re just starting out.

I’m into my 3rd year of using RetinA and I love results a lot I’ll never be without it! Notice that I leave my skin slightly damp and rub in my Tretinoin cream. My skin’s adapted to it and I have very little irritation so I can put it right up under my eyes and on my upper lip. I started with 05 percent tretinoin and last year bumped up to stronger 1 percent. It must bring cost down to around $ 50.