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Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter in the sidebar since it could be available via email, Therefore in case you’re interested. I hope you liked this tutorial and learned something new! I’m currently working on a beginner’s beauty guide which contains both skincare and makeup tutorials. As I contourRead More
While containing aloevera and lavender it sooths and refreshes dry and tired looking skin, avon has just brought out a completely new foundation called ‘calming effects and illuminating foundation.’ It’s made specifically for dry and sensitive skin. It’s available in a compact and applied with a sponge most often soldRead More
Besides, the prices have gone way up for RetinA without insurance coverage, unfortunately most insurance plans only cover it for people under 35 Best way to save is to go to and download a coupon to use at your local pharmacy. Thanks! I also use the Timeless vitamin c andRead More

Tricks For Maintaining Dark Lipstick

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Whenever dripping and smudged lipstick, we’ve collected quite a few best hacks and tricks out there so that you can prepare your lips and after all tally rock your dark lips without any meltdowns or embarrassing moments, these simple little tricks will enable you to all in on our littleRead More

Best Makeup Foundation Tips

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Try drawing an arched line above your lash line a little thicker than you think, I’d say if your eyelids hide your eyeliner. You’ll have ‘perfect size’ lines, when you open your eyes. Place the edge of the tape in line with your bottom lash line and angle the pRead More

How To Apply Eyeliner For Beginners

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There you have it. a ‘three step’ routine that can deliver great results. Guess what? That’s just a small investment of time to get healthy skin, right? I know it’s super fast and easy. It must take no more than two to three minutes. You can proceed to line yourRead More
Cream to powder foundation provides full coverage and there’s usually no need for concealer or powder to be applied before or after as its all built in. It has all the qualities of a cream to powder foundation however like the name suggest it’s applied as a liquid rather soRead More

Tips on How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter

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A lot of women are battling with dark circles and bags under the eye area which can make their eyes look dull and puffy. These are the effects of poor diet practices and lack of proper sleep. The good news is that – there are ways in which you canRead More
Among to biggest downfalls of wearing a matte lip is that if your lips are dry to begin with, color will only settle into any lines and accentuate flakes. Cich recommends prepping your pout with a balm before applying your color, while liquid formulas are a solution to this dilemma.Read More
We love together with dark circles are bit seems lifeless since the dehydration kills the natural shine inside your eyes. It’s also little challenging handle the hallow space with makeup. They’ll definitely aid you in your makeup habits, Following are some makeup tips for deep seated eyes. Disturbed color toneRead More
A glowing skin can give you the confidence to be who you want to be. But, with everyday exposure to harsh elements and strenuous activities, your skin may become dry and stressed-out. There are also things that we do – even if we do not know it – that canRead More